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I’m Kallie! A (barely) 5-foot tall Chinese girl, whose energy ranges from impromptu dance party-initiator to deep conversations over a cup of coffee-lover.


As a kid, I spent most afternoons fabricating imaginary worlds for my stuffed animals. Though I still love my stuffies dearly, acting is now the world that fosters this same heart for imagination. Through recent projects, such as Alien/Nation (Williamstown Theatre Festival), I have cultivated a love for non-traditional, movement-based theatre. At the same time, I have an equally deep passion for classical theatre. But no matter what style it is, I always embed my childhood playfulness into all of my work.


Outside of racking my brain for new character choices, you'll most likely find me skating on my longboard or attempting to replicate my grandparents' legendary Cantonese dishes. 


Whew, I’ve said enough about myself, why don't we talk about you?

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